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Our Herd


The following photographs are representative of Candy Mountain Longhorns. Contact Us for current availability.



Pure Bred

Candy Mountain Ranches is working to preserve the posterity of the breed by raising full-blood Texas Longhorns. Our herd has been carefully selected from high-quality sources including historical Texas breeding ranches, state-managed registered herds, and our own breeding program.


We work closely with the Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Registry as our Longhorns are CTLR-registered. The Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Registry (CTLR) is an organization dedicated to preserving the historically correct phenotype of Texas Longhorn by using visual inspections and DNA analysis utilizing the most knowledgable Texas Longhorn breeders in North America. So, you can be assured that the Candy Mountain Longhorns are some of the purest around.

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