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About Babyhead Ranch:

Babyhead Ranch is centered in the historic Babyhead mountain range. According to local oral tradition, the name “Babyhead” originated in the 1850s when a small child was reportedly killed by Native Americans and her remains left on the mountain. A creek carried the name Babyhead, as well as a pioneer community founded in the 1870s. A cemetery in the area is the last physical reminder of that community, which once boasted numerous homes, farms, and businesses.  Today, the Babyhead ranch is a picturesque Hill Country locale for appreciating the area's rich natural beauty.  Guests enjoy regular sightings of whitetail deer, turkey, dove, quail, rabbits, ducks, bobcats and hogs. Babyhead Ranch is the Headquarters of the Candy Mountain Ranches Longhorn Operations.


Babyhead Ranch homes our best breeding operations featuring all Longhorns CTLR registered and/or TLBAA registered. Numerous number of Longhorns originated from the Famous San Vicente Ranch in Linn, TX. For more information on our herd and what Longhorns are for sale please visit the Our Herd page.